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Deep in Bob's satanic mill, four maniacal musos hone their instrumental abilities to breaking point. Beer will be spilt, ears will bleed and sweet, sweet music will be made!

Step aside, for SEX SHOP RAM RAID.

Raiders alumni.

Former Ram Raiders we have known and loved.

Craig - lead guitar

Craig worships at the shrine of all things Slash and Guns 'n' Roses. Usually quiet, shy and retiring... until he gets a drink in him, then it's like playing with Oliver Reed!

You'll find him playing his mighty axe with Ignition and Bim Bam.

Lee - guitar/vocals

An avid gig goer since 1980, lead guitarist Lee is partial to the odd drink! Now he knows five chords, and recently discovered that his amp has a 'clean' channel (thanks to Goddzi)! 

He's found looning around with the mighty Age of Paranoia.

John - drums

Pro musician, guitar/bass/drum tutor and all-round musical smartypants! An avid chocoholic, there is a persistent rumour that he can eat a whole 1kg Cadbury's Dairy Milk in two bites. 

Brings up the rear for the awesome Empress.

Daz - vocals/guitar/double denim

The 'Wednesbury Whirlwind' and ex pro boxer, also lead singer with local sexual icons Strap On Jack and the Whiskey Remedy, usually to be found on top of a table during a gig, and under one afterwards!

Dave - vocals/guitar/koauau

A graduate of the Uri Geller School of Advanced Spoonbending, Dave has had many different jobs, including beard taming, budgie smuggling and broccoli herding. Currently New Zealand's SSRR representative.

Random - drums/didgeridoo

Me Random. Me hit stuff. Back from sabbatical playing didgeridoo in Oz.